Wearing Glasses Is The Best Thing Ever

Unless you’ve spent the last 3 years or so on Mars or Jupiter, whichever you fancy most, you gotta know the latest fad in town: GLASSES. Everyone who’s anyone is wearing glasses. Men and women with or without a fashion penchant  are falling for these accessories which are gracing our beautiful faces and noses sometimes more for style reasons than for necessity.




Even if  your sight is in perfect vision though, don’t play coy here because everybody knows you too love and adore SUNGLASSES. They are the #1 accessory with a superpower so great that they turn anybody into the coolest & most beautiful person out there. Not that we needed to anyway, but… a little extra razzmatazz never hurt nobody.


Apart from all sartorial shenanigans, we wear sunglasses in any season for quite a few reasons: coolness, hide naughty looks, dark circles, match our mood to our style. Oh and of course bright light and sunshine sometimes.



Here are some of my fave glasses style they have for both men & women. But trust us, browsing our shop is a definite must. We have the most fun, sleek and simple looking, customizable designer eyewear ever. 


So, fingers crossed. Eyeglasses and sunglasses mood on


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